DIY: Shea butter body butter to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor October 17, 2019

lavender infused whipped Sea butter body butter, Photo: Farmhouse on Boone

Fall comes with a much cooler weather. Even the plants become dormant during this season but that doesn’t have to affect our skincare routine. It’s about time we stocked our shelves with enough moisturizers for our bodies in anticipation for winter.

Now, the best way to go with choosing a moisturizer is to opt for a natural body butter that will feed your body with the necessary vitamins as well protect it from the weather, leaving no side effects.

The preferred body butter I’d recommend is the unrefined Shea butter body butter (I prefer Shea butter, but you can use mango or cocoa butter or a combination of any two).

This will be mixed with some essential oils, coconut oil and fragrance to add a little ‘oomph’ to the butter and mostly because the unrefined Shea butter has a strong smell. However, there is lots of room to customize the recipe to your preference.

Let’s get right into it. First, one would ask, why body butter?

Body butter is basically thicker and richer than lotion and contains less water. It hydrates the skin better even though it takes longer to penetrate the skin. It softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin making it difficult for your skin to get dry or patchy. Say goodbye to dry feet, knees and elbows with body butters.

Whipping your body butter gives you the satisfaction of getting soft, easy to apply butter that is also very moisturizing.

Know your ingredients.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a highly concentrated fatty acid that has deep moisturizing and healing abilities. Its high, fat content treats stretch marks and other skin-related conditions like dermatitis, wrinkles and blemishes. It is good relief for sunburn and other skin irritations. Studies have also proven its anti-inflammatory properties.

It naturally contains vitamin A and E that are essential for your skin. No wonder Shea butter is listed as an ingredient for many lotions, creams and body butters. It is also very good for the hair as these vitamins are equally good for moisturizing it. Some also say it is a miracle worker for your skin.

Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars, or other blemishes just like Shea butter. It is filled with vitamins and acids that can improve skin’s appearance over time like Palmitoleic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and alpha-Linolenic Acid, and many more.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for both hair and skin. It is one of the highly recommended oils for cooking as well because the fats in the oil can enhance fat burning and gives your body and brain quick energy. It also has natural antibacterial properties. It’s a good moisturizer for dry skin and reduces the symptoms of eczema.

Jojoba oil

I choose to use Jojoba oil because its deeply hydrating as it adds to that light feel to the whipped Shea butter for easy absorption. It has nutrients like Vitamin E and B. Jojoba is well known for its high levels of antioxidants and minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc, which all nourish and protect the skin.

Essential oils

There are a couple of essential oils that are good for the skin. Everyone should have at least one essential oil in their skin care routine because it helps reduce wrinkles, clears acne, heals scars and always leaves the skin exfoliated. These oils should always be mixed with other ingredients because they are used in small quantities, preferably in drops.

I’d use lavender for this mixture so let me touch on it a little. Lavender is known for its calming, gentle, and nourishing nature. It can reduce blemishes and it always leaves the skin with a very youthful glow. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin because it caters to skin irritations and sunburns.

For all the ingredients, use ½ cup except for essential oils where you add 10-30 drops into the mixture.

Body Butter Instructions

  • Firstly, in a double boiler or glass bowl, combine all ingredients except essential oils.
  • Bring to medium heat and stir constantly until all ingredients are melted.
  • Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Add essential oils if using.
  • Move to fridge and let cool another hour or until starting to harden around the edges, but still somewhat soft.
  • Then, use a hand mixer to whip for 10 minutes until fluffy.
  • Return to the fridge for 10-15 minutes to set.
  • Store in a glass jar with a lid and use as you would regular lotion or body butter.
  • The mixture is best kept at room temperature. If the temperatures increase, refrigerate the body butter. For a longer shelf life, use a spatula to scoop instead of your finger.

There are YouTube videos with many variations of the Shea butter body butter, however, the basic ingredient is always Shea butter and all the other ingredients added are based on the user’s preference.

Here’s a video from YouTuber, Breonna Queen, adding her own twist to the Shea butter body butter.