How to find the perfect lipstick that will work for your skin tone while making your lips pop

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor November 8, 2019

Lupita Nyong'o. Photo: Variety

Taking a trip to the beauty store to purchase lipstick shouldn’t be a herculean task but it does feel like it most of the time.

Thank God for samples but really, how many samples can you try without getting all fuzzy with the endless options available.

This may not be the case for some of you as all lipsticks shades look good on you. Well, I’d say you are the lucky ones.

For those of us who struggle to find what works for us, here are a few things worthy of note that can help you choose the best lipstick for you. Once you find one, there is no letting go of it; that I can confirm from experience.

Experts say the key to finding that perfect shade for your skin is understanding how the concept of skin undertones work. With this, it simply means finding a lipstick that will complement your skin tone and make you feel invincible!

The three need-to-know categories are cool, warm and neutral undertones. The only reason this is important is, when you have a cool undertone, opt for a lipstick with a cool undertone; same for the others. Warm skin tones should gravitate towards warm lipstick hues.

A point worth noting is, this guide is by no means dictating to anyone what lipstick they should wear. Rock whichever one that makes you feel good.

Lupita Nyong’o has a cool skin undertone. Photo: Teen Vogue


Cool undertones

Usually, people with cool skin undertones tend to have their wrist veins looking blue. They burn easily and tan rather slowly. Silver jewelry pops on them and they have brown, black or blond hair. Anyone with blue, grey or green eyes belongs to this group.

Purple and blue lipstick undertones are cool-toned and perfect for them. Shop for colors like plum, cherry, crimson, mauve and purple if you are one of them.

Jennifer Hudson also has a cool skin undertone. Photo: Sterling Sound


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Beyonce rocking her brown lipstick and banging gold jewelry. Photo: Refinery29

Warm undertones

When you have warm undertones, you tan so easily, and your wrist veins tend to look green. Some say it’s actually the yellowy-golden tint of your skin that makes the blue veins appear green. Any gold jewelry ensemble flatters your skin. With warm undertones, your hair is red, strawberry blonde, black or brown and the window to your heart, which is your eyes, are hazel, brown or amber.

The warmer lipstick range will work best for you. They tend to have this peach, reddish, orange or sometimes yellowish appearance and come in hues like gold, copper, coral, including brown and sienna.

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Halle Berry in her coral hue lipstick. Photo: Cosmopolitan


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Kerry Washington has a neutral skin undertone. Photo: UPI

Neutral undertones

We are jealous of this group who have neutral skin undertones. They can just about wear any lipstick under the sun and kill it every time. They can wear both gold and silver jewelry and look glammed any day. Their veins on the wrist appear green and blue and they tan rather slowly without much burns.

They can do cool hues like plum, cherry, crimson, mauve and purple or warm ones like gold, copper, coral, including brown and sienna. The underlying fact is they never have a bad lipstick day.

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Kerry Washington pretty much looks good in any lipstick she wears, Photo: Today Show